In-Home- Service Specialist & Regional Network Coordinator for Licking Valley Community Action for In-Home Community Collaborations of Children Program

Posted on December 27, 2021
Full Time in Fleming County

Job Description

In-Home- Service Specialist & Regional Network Coordinator for Licking Valley Community Action for In-Home Community Collaborations of Children Program


Full-time In-Home Service Specialist & Regional Network Coordinator for the Gateway region (Rowan, Bath, Morgan, Montgomery and Menifee).


In-Home Service Specialist.




Specialists must hold a bachelor degree in human service or related field.

The duties and responsibilities of the In-Home Services Specialist at Licking Valley Community Action Agency will include:


  • Staff shall facilitate for the best interest of the child. The In-Home Service Specialist will make  home visit with families, and continue contact with the family
  • Staff will attend all required training (foundational (or 15 hours pre-approved service-related training, In-Home Service training, direct service peer exchange, NCFAS-G/refresher, ASQ 3/ASQ SE, data reporting training, as well as any additional training required specifically by Licking Valley Community Action Agency.
  • The In-Home Services Specialist is responsible for maintaining  family case file.
  • The In-Home Services Specialist will provide individualized parent education on skills that the family needs through mentoring and coaching using the Nurturing  Parenting curriculum.
  • The In-Home Services Specialist will participate in case planning meetings or any other meeting required or requested by the referring agency.
  • The In-Home Service Specialist will assist the family in locating additional community resources that can further assist the family in reaching or maintaining family and/or personal goals.


Assistant Regional Network Coordinator

will spend approximately 20% of time assisting with the Community Collaborations of Children Program. The job includes securing a meeting location, preparing a meeting agenda, notifying all network members of the date/time/location of each meeting, ensuring Regional Network Guidelines are followed, making food arrangements, taking notes, preparing meeting minutes for each meeting, distributing those prior to the next meeting and attending all Regional Network Meetings.



  • Assistant will help assisted with Coordinating all Regional Network meetings
  • Help actively pursue and discuss at every Regional Network meeting.
  • Assisted with annual training for child abuse awareness.
  • Attend all stated level meetings and trainings as required.
  • Reach out to Community Partners
  • Assisted with developing an action plan with the Regional Network members to increase/maintain parent involvement.
  • Help to ensure that a diverse representation of families and agencies are involved in the Regional Network.




·         Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or closely related field.

·         Must demonstrated professional experience in working with families, children and community partner.

·          Possess knowledge of crisis intervention, cognitive/behavioral skills, and communication.

·         Ability to communicate well orally and in writing

·         Must have valid driver’s license and insurance

·          The willingness and ability to participated in all Regional Network Meeting.

·         Must attend Stated trainings.

·          Must possess good organizational skills.



All application/resumes should be returned to:

Licking Valley C.A.P., Inc

203 High Street

Flemingsburg KY 41041

no later than January 3, 2022


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