Part-time Assisted Regional Network Coordinator for Gateway Region

Posted on May 21, 2020
Part Time in Fleming County

Job Description

Part-time Assisted Regional Network Coordinator for the Gateway region (Rowan, Bath, Morgan, Montgomery and Menifee). The assisted Regional Network Coordinator will spend approximately 20% of time assisting with the Community Collaborations with Children Program. The part-time assisted will help assist with Coordinating all Regional Network meetings (minimum of five (5) meetings per contract year). The job includes securing a meeting location, preparing a meeting agenda, notifying all network members of the date/time/location of each meeting, ensuring Regional Network Guidelines are followed, making food arrangements for the meeting (if applicable), taking notes at the meeting, preparing meeting minutes for each meeting, and distributing those prior to the next meeting. The Assisted Coordinator will help actively pursue and discuss at every Regional Network meeting the recruitment and participation of required membership. The Assisted Regional Coordinator will provide an annual orientation to new network members as well as parents and update current members of changes in the Regional Network Guidelines. The Assisted coordinator will complete an annual training and review of the Regional Network Guidelines following the Coordinators Training. The assisted Coordinator will help enter data from each Regional Network meeting into the PP-MET website monthly. The Assisted Coordinator will monitor and manage the use of all Regional Network funds. The Assisted Coordinator will prepare, receive, and copy invoices for all reimbursements of Community Collaboration for Children funds. The Assisted Coordinator will help maintain a file and ledger balance of all expenditures. The assisted Coordinator will attend all Community Collaboration for Children state level meetings and trainings as required by the Community Collaboration for Children Technical Assistant of Contracts. The Assisted Coordinator will help provide all quarterly reports including the Regional Network Budget and any other required information to the Frankfort TA as directed. The Assisted Coordinator will help with developing an action plan with the Regional Network members to increase/maintain parent involvement. The Assisted Coordinator will help to ensure that a diverse representation of families and agencies are involved in the Regional Network. The Assisted Coordinator will help ensure Community Collaboration for Children invoices are sent to the Community Collaboration for Children Technical Assistant and The Office of Contracts Oversight according to predetermined contract time frames. The Assisted Coordinator after attending statewide Community Collaboration for Children meetings, will help ensure the information from those meetings is provided to the Community Collaboration for Children direct service staff and Regional Network members in a timely manner. The Assisted Coordinator will ensure that voting procedures are followed as outlined in the “CCC Regional Network Guidelines.” The Assisted Coordinator will work closely with CCC Technical Assistant including notifying them of all program plans and activities (including budget activities). The Assisted Coordinator will help ensure RSVP for CCC Coordinator and direct-service staff by stated deadlines to attend trainings/meetings.


Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or closely related field. Must demonstrate professional experience in working with families, children and community partners, possess knowledge of crisis intervention, cognitive/behavioral skills, and communication. Ability to communicate well orally and in writing, valid driver’s license, insurance and the willingness and ability to participated in all Regional Network Meetings. Must be willing attend trainings. Must possess good organizational skills.



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