Head Start

Licking Valley Head Start provides comprehensive child development services for low income three and four year olds  to prepare them for success in kindergarten and beyond. With seven Head Start centers located throughout the region, LVCAP is able to serve 325 children each year.

The four major components of Head Start are:

  • Education – The Educational Program is individualized to meet each child’s needs. Every child receives a variety of learning experiences to foster intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Head Start also subcontracts with Fleming and Robertson Boards of Education to provide KERA-Preschool services for eligible 3 and 4 year old children.
  • Health – Head Start arranges for every child to receive comprehensive health screenings, including: medical, dental, mental health, and nutrition services.
  • Parent Involvement – An essential part of every Head Start Program is the involvement of parents in Parent Education program planning and operating activities. Recognizing that the parent is the child’s first and best teacher, all parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom so they can reinforce learning at home while they develop their own child development skills.
  • Social Services – Services are provided that will build upon individual strengths (both the child and parents) to meet their needs.  Children with disabilities are targeted for services and receive the full range of Head Start developmental services in the least restrictive environment possible.

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Contact the Head Start Center near you:

Bracken County Head Start
115 Powell St.
Brooksville, Kentucky 41004
Phone & Fax: (606) 735-3341
Crystal Smith, Family Service Worker

Fleming County Head Start
64 Ross Street
Flemingsburg, Kentucky 41041
(606) 849-2979
Fax: (606) 845-1327
Michelle Withrow, Site Supervisor

Garrison Head Start Center
122 Stratton Lane/Garrison, Kentucky 41141
Phone & Fax: (606) 757-9203
Chris Monteith, Family Service Worker

Vanceburg Head Start Center
HC75-Box 993D
375 Clarksburg Rd.
Vanceburg, Kentucky 41179
Phone: (606) 796-3452
Fax: (606) 796-0902
Lamissa Brewer, Site Supervisor

Tollesboro Head Start
Tollesboro Elementary School

Route 10 Tollesboro, Kentucky 41189
Phone & Fax: (606) 798-2108
Chris Monteith, Family Service Worker

Mason County Head Start
627 Parker Road
Maysville, Kentucky 41056
Phone: (606) 564-8936
Or (606) 564-0054
Fax: (606) 564-9393
Mona Marshall, Site Supervisor

Robertson County Head Start
Deming School Campus
P. O. Box 247
Mt. Olivet, Kentucky 41064
Phone & Fax: (606) 724-5614
Cadi Tucker, Site Supervisor

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